Europa Art holds a deep appreciation for local talent and the vibrant fashion scene within South Africa. Recognizing the immense creativity and innovation present in the region, the brand actively seeks out collaborations with emerging designers and fashion brands. By partnering with these talented individuals and entities, Europa Art aims to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for local voices to be heard and celebrated. By nurturing these partnerships, Europa Art cements its commitment to supporting and empowering the local fashion industry, ensuring that it continues to thrive and inspire for years to come.

We are honoured to collaborate with MUNKUS on their latest creative venture: Isikhathi. MUNKUS is an emerging South African fashion brand founded by Thando Ntuli. The brand’s name, MUNKUS, is derived from Thando’s nickname and conveys a sense of home and comfort that is relatable to any woman. The brand, founded in 2019, is located in the bustling city of Johannesburg and is inspired by the strong, intergenerational line of mothers in Thando’s life. MUNKUS presents a retro-inspired style that combines 80’s and & 90’s South African trends with classic silhouettes.

Isikhathi is a personal journey of self-discovery inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message.” In it they describe how the loss of identity drives people to nostalgia. As a reflection on the power of nostalgia, the brand undertakes a childhood curiosity and wonder questioning McLuhan’s hypothesis. Through the power of clothing, this story is about looking back to our childhood self. Simultaneously, this is your childhood self-looking towards you. Both come together to share this reflection.

Europa Art’s visionary outlook seamlessly aligns with the latest collection from the esteemed local brand, MUNKUS, which beautifully captures the essence of wonder and nostalgia. Both brands share a deep appreciation for the power of evoking emotions and transporting individuals to cherished memories. Europa Art’s commitment to sophistication and exquisite craftsmanship resonates with MUNKUS’ desire to preserve and honour the magical moments of the past.